What is eenaduclassifieds.com?

eenaduclassifieds.com is a classifieds website that combines the service of online booking ads for:
· Standalone web edition of eenaduclassfieds.com – Ads will appear only on eenaduclassifieds.com website for a period of 30 days from the date of publishing on the web.
· Print edition of Eenadu – Ads will appear in respective edition of “Eenadu” Newspaper
· Combination of Print & Web – Ads will appear on “eenaduclassifieds.com” website for a period of 30 days from the date of publishing, as well as respective edition of “Eenadu” Newspaper, depending upon the booking made.

What is eenaduclassifieds.com?

B2B and B2C segments can leverage the strengths of online medium. Ads that go on Print as well as Web attract larger attention and thereby greater response. There is no geography restriction in online space to ensure wider coverage of your advertisements.

Do I have to register to view or search the ads on “eenaduclassifieds.com”?

No, you need not register to view / search the ads on “eenaduclassifieds.com”.

Do I have to register to book classifieds advertisements on “eenaduclassifieds.com”?

No, you can book your ad without registering on “eenaduclassifieds.com”. However, you have advantages of being a registered user.

How do I register on “eenaduclassifieds.com”?

Registration is free on “eenaduclassifieds.com” website.
Click “Register” link on the “eenaduclassifieds.com” website and fill-in the registered form that has simple fields. Check the box to accept terms and conditions. Click on “Submit”.
Your details will be screened and upon successful screening, an email would be sent to your email id provided by you at the time of registration providing details on your user id and password.

What are the benefits of Registration?

By registering on “eenaduclassifieds.com” you will have access to “My Ads” wherein you can monitor the following activities:
· View the ads booked by you
· View the ads published by you
· Know status of ads (approved / rejected)
· Republish your old ads in case of your ongoing campaigns / requirements.

How do I log on to website after registration?

Enter user name and password that are provided to you and then click on submit for logging on to “eenadupellipandiri.com” website.

Can I change my password?

Yes you can change the password after logging into website through “My Profile” section. Click on change password option and enter your new password. Confirm your new password for taking effect.

How to get a new password in case I forgot my password?

· Click on Forgot Password link.
· Enter your email id and click on submit button.
· Your password would be reset and new password would be sent to your email id provided at the time of registration.

How to book ads on “eenaduclassifieds.com”?

· Log on to “eenaduclassifieds.com”.
· Click on the "Book your ad" button.
· In case you are not a registered member, and do not want to register now, just select the medium (only Online or only Print edition or a combination) location, the category and subcategory, and start filling the information pertaining to your ad.
· As you fill the ad the tariff would be worked out and displayed for you.
· You click on confirmation of the ad and proceed for online payment.

What are the languages supported for booking classifieds advertisement through “eenaduclassifieds.com”?

You can book ads in Telugu as well as English languages.

What is the duration of my ad on eenaduclassifieds.com?

Each published ad on “eenaduclassifieds.com” will remain on the website for 30 days from the date of activation.

Can I republish my ad on eenaduclassifieds.com?

Yes, you can republish your ad.
Log on to “eenaduclassifieds.com” and choose the ad to be republished.
Click on "Republish" and the Ad content will be shown in the editable format with tariff would be displayed for you.
Change the Publish date as required by you.
You may follow the rest of the procedure regarding online payment so that your ad is scheduled for republishing.

What is the cut off date for the ads?

“eenaduclassifieds.com” accepts all valid ads – 2 days before the actual date of publishing.
You can book your ad to be published for 2 days from now. You cannot book an ad for tomorrow.

What are the payment modes available?

You can pay online through net banking accounts, credit card & debit card.
In case you want to book offline, please click here to know about our classifieds booking centres across various locations.

Can I add a picture to my ad?

Yes, you add a thumbnail image for your ad. However, it is not mandatory.
The thumbnail image would appear on the left side of your classifieds ad.
Posting an image will give you more mileage in terms of explaining your product or service.

Featured Ad details in the Tariff Card:

Featured Ad will be in a different colour when compared to normal ads on the Website. This will ensure immediate attention of the viewer.
Home Page Special Ad: This ad will appear in the home page under the respective category. The ads in this category will be rotated in case there are more than 2 bookings for a specific category.