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The visitors are cautioned to read all the terms and conditions given below before accessing the portal www.eenaduclassifieds.com. Only visitors agreeing for these terms and conditions may place their advertisements in www.eenaduclassifieds.com for availing any services that may be offered by www.eenaduclassifieds.com and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc.


This is a legal agreement (“Agreement”) between the visitor/advertiser and Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited (UEPL), a Company incorporated in TS, India, under Companies Act 1956, having its registered office in 6-3-569/3, Eenadu Complex, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, TS, India, which is the owner/operator of the portal www.eenaduclassifieds.com, referred jointly and severally as a portal.

  1. Individuals who are competent to contract alone are qualified to enter into an agreement with UEPL., operator of the portal www.eenaduclassifieds.com.
  2. UEPL reserves the right to change or end any service, feature, offer, gift, contest, design, layout, content, platform, equipment, systems, program and software at any time without any advance notice.
  3. Content shall mean and include images, photos, listings, maps, sketches, pictures, routes, ingredients, technical specifications, brands, addresses etc.,
  4. DUTIES AND LIABILITIES OF THE ADVERTISERS: The advertisers shall give truthful, authentic, relevant, valid, current, fair information for publication. The advertisers shall give proof as required by UEPL to substantiate the information furnished. UEPL shall not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate, false, outdated, irrelevant, misleading information published/displayed at the instance of the advertiser and the advertiser agrees to indemnify UEPL, operator of the website www.eenaduclassifieds.com and its employees against all the actions, demands, losses, costs, charges, expenses, damages etc., which UEPL and or any of its employees may incur or that may arise by reason of display/publication of any advertisement on behalf of The Advertisers.
  5. ERRORS AND DISCREPANCIES: While due care will be taken by UEPL to display/publish the advertisement free of errors, UEPL shall not be responsible for any inadvertent error in display/publication of the advertisement. Where the error in display/publication of the advertisement is attributable to UEPL, responsibility of UEPL will be restricted to the cost of the advertisement paid by the advertiser.
  6. Advertisement material, photographs, videos etc. posted on Eenadu Classifieds website are provided / uploaded by the advertisers and UEPL has no control over the quality, quantity, utility, genuineness, promptness or other attributes of the goods or services offered. UEPL also does not control or regulate any of these attributes of the goods / services offered by the advertisers on the website.
  7. UEPL advises the advertisers and users to refrain from sending / posting / uploading defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, inaccurate, wrong, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the website or exchange any such content through e-mails. UEPL shall not be responsible or liable for such content exchanged between the parties and UEPL does not control or regulate or authenticate the exchange of such content.
  8. UEPL also does not control or regulate the mails or any other material that may be sent by a user to the advertiser or vice-versa.
  9. UEPL cautions advertisers not to upload any image or content which might infringe upon the copyright of any third party. Advertiser shall not upload any advertisements which are forbidden under law UEPL shall not be liable for any action for copyright infringement, if any, due to posting of any content on the website and the advertiser will be held responsible for any consequences arising out of the same.
  10. The responsibility of UEPL shall be restricted to deleting any objectionable content from the website, when such objectionable content is brought to the notice of UEPL. Beyond this, UEPL shall not undertake or assume any other responsibility / liability in respect of content displayed/published on the website.
  11. The advertiser placing an advertisement on www.eenaduclassifieds.com, regarding sale of goods/services or requirement of goods and services, shall delete the advertisement from the Eenadu Classifieds website upon fulfillment of the requirement. If the advertisement is not deleted even after the fulfillment of the purpose of the advertisement, UEPL shall not be held responsible, liable to pay any compensation to any user, loss or damage caused to the user on account of the advertisement which is not removed from the website.
  12. Responsibility of UEPL will be limited to display/publishing of the advertisement placed by the advertiser in www.eenaduclassifieds.com. UEPL gives no warranty, either express or implied, for any advertising material displayed on www.eenaduclassifieds.com as to the quality, quantity, utility, originality, genuineness, legality, punctuality of any goods or services offered by the advertiser or of any advertisements placed by UEPL on the site or advertisements placed by their agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchises, etc.
  13. The advertisers/visitors will be held responsible and liable for all the consequences arising out of any violation of law infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights and intellectual property rights, including damages, attorney fees and expenses.
  14. UEPL, their staff and directors shall be indemnified by the advertiser for the costs and consequences, including but not limited to reasonable advocates fees and all expenses while defending themselves in any litigation that may arise out of publication or display of the advertisement inserted by the advertiser.
  15. Intellectual property rights: The advertiser shall make sure that they are not in violation of intellectual property rights like Trademarks, copyright in artistic works, photographs, creative, graphics, layout, design, text, video, audio, etc. of any third parties
  16. UEPL reserves the right to make additions, alterations, modifications, insertions, improvements, decorations for the betterment and quality enhancement of the material displayed on the site without any notice. The advertisers shall agree for such modifications to the material for compatibility with the technological advancement.


  1. The advertisement is issued by the advertiser, under the terms and conditions applicable at the time of booking the advertisement. UEPL shall Publish/Display advertisement, as received (Advertisement matter received in Telugu will be published in Telugu only. Matter received in English will be published in English only). UEPL is not responsible for spellings/nouns or sentence formation of the advertisement. UEPL allows the classifieds advertisers to post print classified advertisement on www.eenaduclassifieds.com.
  • All classified advertisements are subject to prior approval: Ad should not contain any provocative content related to caste, creed, religion, nationality, etc. Such ads will not be accepted. Advertisers will be notified the advertisement approval status via email/ sms or can check on their respective dashboard. UEPL reserves the right to accept/decline any advertisement without showing any reasons. UEPL may insist on identity proof, address proof of the advertiser and supporting documents for certain ADS
  • Online Registration Process: The advertiser shall respond to the message (email/SMS) sent by UEPL for verification. Every advertiser must give his or her full contact details (Name, address, contact number, mail-id) at the time of registration.
  • Payment Terms: UEPL accepts all types of debt/credit card, and Internet banking. The charges for all advertisements have to be paid in advance.
  • Print/Online Classifieds listing/display/cancellation/refund Policy: Advertiser may cancel the ad at least 48 hours before to the cut-off time set for publishing the material in the following day (which is 4 p.m. before the date of publishing) and may avail the refund. If the cancellation is requested at less than 48 hours of publishing time, no refund will be given.
  • In case the advertiser wants to stops publishing of the ad without availing the refund, he can put a request for canceling the advertisement at any time before 12 hours from the cut off time given above.
  • In 3-ads package, advertiser can cancel the 2nd ad and avail 50% of the amount paid as refund. But no refund is allowed after publishing the 2nd ad.
  • In 7ads package no refund is allowed. However if the advertiser wants to cancel publication of some ads after publication may do so within the permitted time, subject to forfeiting the charges paid (no refund).
  • Disapproved Ads: Advertiser can edit/modify or can cancel the disapproved ads. If the advertiser agrees to the changes suggested by www.eenaduclassifieds.com, the same can be carried. The final decision in this regard shall rest with UEPL
  1. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage caused by error or inaccuracy in the printing, or omission to insert any advertisement. If any such errors are noticed, the same should be brought to the notice of UEPL within 15 days from the date of publication in print and first day of display in www.eenaduclassifieds.com. No cognizance is taken of complaints received after 15 days. After verification of such complaints received within 5 days, a free make good insertion/display will be published/displayed, if the compliant is found to be justified. Display of the make good insertion in the portal will be for same number of days proportionate to number of days wrong ad/error was displayed. UEPL shall not be responsible for any other claims or damages.
  2. UEPL reserves the right to decline publication/display of any advertisement including copy/illustrations which in their opinion would disfigure or damage the reputation of the news paper/portal or prejudice other advertisements. UEPL also reserves the right to refuse or suspend publication/display of an advertisement at any stage and under any conditions without assigning reasons.
  3. Artwork made by us is our property. Use of our artwork in other publications or any other medium is prohibited.
  4. Any omission by UEPL in enforcing any of the terms and conditions under which an advertisement is accepted will be construed as waiver or estoppels by UEPL to prevent UEPL from enforcing any of the terms and conditions against the advertiser.


  1. UEPL is not responsible for the quality of images and material posted/uploaded
  2. The advertiser uploading/submitting material on the site is presumed to be the owner, Such information is posted / uploaded /submitted/made available under an assurance and warranty that he/she will be completely responsible for the material posted and grants an irrevocable right/authorization in favour of UEPL to display the material on the site with no obligation.
  3. UEPL reserves the right to reject any ad, if it is found to prohibited or objectionable content is found, or if contact details of the advertiser are found to be false or entered unrelated fields. UEPL may also change or reject the ad for other reasons not mentioned
  4. No mails can be sent through the site and any transaction other than the permitted transaction is strictly prohibited.


  1. The Advertisers/Visitors should post truthful, authentic, genuine, relevant, valid, correct, current, fair information on the site.
  2. The classifieds advertisers shall to submit Identity and address proof when required.
  3. The visitors of www.eenaduclassifieds.com are advised to make independent verification is respect of any ad before taking action; UEPL shall not be responsible or liable for any falsity in the advertisements or information on the site.

ERRORS AND DISCREPANCIES: While UEPL takes every care and caution to maintain the site free of errors and discrepancies, it is possible for some mistakes to creep into the site by inadvertence, oversight, human error, innocence and honest belief in the information in good faith. UEPL shall not be liable for any consequences due to innocent dissemination of such information and the liability of UEPL is limited to removal of such errors and discrepancies from the site. Advertiser and visitors may bring any such discrepancies to the notice of UEPL with reasonable proof for necessary action.


  1. While every effort is made to make the portal free of any bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delay in transmission, etc. UEPL does not guarantee that the site or any of the services offered would be free of any bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delay in transmission, and UEPL does not accept any responsibility or liability for any such bugs, errors, viruses, failures, delay in transmission etc in the site.
  2. Responsibility of UEPL will be limited to display/publishing of the advertisement placed by the advertiser in www.eenaduclassifieds.com. UEPL gives no warranty, either express or implied, for any advertising material displayed on www.eenaduclassifieds.com as to the quality, quantity, utility, originality, genuineness, legality, punctuality of any goods or services offered by the advertiser or of any advertisements placed by UEPL on the site or advertisements placed by their agents, business affiliates, associates, agencies, franchises, etc.
  3. None of the staff or directors or officers or employees or agents of UEPL shall be liable in any manner, for any of the claims of a person for any loss, damage, costs, expenses sustained or likely to be sustained by him/her, by the use and access of the site.
  4. Eenaduclassifieds.com is tied up with Billdesk Payment Gateway for ‘INR’ payments and ICICI Payment Gateway for other than INR payments for payments in online mode.

A link has been provided on eenaduclassifieds.com to make the payments through Billdesk Payment gateway and ICICI Bank’s payment gateway “Payseal”. These payment gateways, though linked to eenaduclassifieds.com, are operated by Billdesk and ICICI Bank independently. Therefore, eenaduclassifieds.com will not be responsible or liable for any failures of payment transactions and no complaint relating to failure of any payment transaction(s) shall be entertained by UEPL and all such complaints shall be addressed by the advertisers only to Billdesk & ICICI Bank http://www.icicibank.com/Pfsuser/cards/creditcard/merchant/merchant.html

Online Feature Ads:

This is a premium ad which enables the advertisers to publish their ads at a prominent place. Feature ads, cannot be cancelled. The advertiser can change the status (edit/active/inactive) of the feature ad at any point in the given time period.

Any dispute in relation to the services provided by UEPL on the site, whether paid or free, shall be decided by competent courts in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana State to the exclusion of all other courts and shall be heard and disposed off under laws of India.

The terms and conditions with regards to placement of the advertisement/payments /cancellation/refunds may change from time to time. Advertisers are advised to check for updates before placing the advertisements.