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 ☏  Hyderabad Best construction and Plastering System Latest Technology ECO friendly Hyderabad Latest Technology and Best construction Premium Bricks with GFRG plaster system In GFRG plaster, GFRG is used as a binding material instead of Portland cement. It is ready to use and does not need sand. GFRG plasters exhibit high tensile and flexural strength. They are less prone to cracking. Advantages of GFRG Plaster: Mainly GFRG plaster using due to its superior finish and time saving attributes. Some of the advantages of GFRG plaster are: 1. Ease of Application (Workability) 2. No Shrinkage Cracks 3. Quick Setting Time 4. No curing time required 5. High Productivity 6. High Performance 7. Smooth Finish 8. Reduced Supervision 9. Readily available raw materials 10. Fire resistant 11. Low thermal conductivity 12. Decorative application Structure cost Rs. 1150 -1200 (Excavation, Foundation work, Column, Slab, Walls, Electrical Pipeline and Boxes and Plastering) Remaining work like (Doors, Windows ,Flooring, Painting, Electrical wiring and Plumbing is Rs. 250 to 450 depend upon the Brand and customer specification) Contact Mr Rajesh  ☏